ONE Thing: Clean Water for Nicaragua

Last year, Woods Chapel Church provided funding for 25 new homes in La Lima, Nicaragua. These simple cinderblock homes are life-changing for families. Each time Woods Chapel provides funding for a housing project, we also partner with the community to bring clean water. We’ve helped bring clean water to Los Pinos, La Corona, El Prado, and now La Lima. Children that suffered from intestinal parasites due to drinking creek water are now healthy. Families have spigots outside their homes to bathe with clean water. Women no longer have to carry 5 gallon buckets of water for miles each day to provide water for their families.

We have the opportunity to partner with the families in La Lima to bring clean water to their new homes. A well will be dug, bringing fresh, clean water to each home. The cost of the project is $11,250. 

We will be selling Woods Chapel Blue Springs water bottles for $20 during the month of June. These proceeds will benefit the Clean Water project! Purchase your water bottle at the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings.